Alex Iantaffi shared his journey of self discovery and changing identity. Growing up Catholic in Italy to his very queer family in Minnesota. Attendees enjoyed sharing their stories through a variety of mediums including movement and visual art. 

Sunday, March 9th 2014
Quatrefoil Library
1220 East Lake Street
Entrance on Lake street, up stairs or ramp. 

Alex Iantaffi - About Alex
"I am a trans masculine, genderqueer, bi/queer person in his 40s, who is originally from Italy and has lived as an immigrant first in the UK and now in the US for a total of 21 years. I strive to live an integrated life as a spouse, parent, activist, Pagan priestess, licensed marriage and family therapist, educator, researcher and writer. I currently work as an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, Program in Human Sexuality, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. My clinical work is mostly focused on trans youth, adults and their families and I am also a sex therapist. My research and writing has mostly been focused on gender, disability, sexuality and over the past few years HIV prevention. Much of my scholarly work could be described as looking at the sexual health of minorities within minorities. I try to base my work on an intersectional approach to health disparities and oppression. I try to do my best to be a community-engaged scholar and I love to cheerlead people who are interested in sexual health and LGBTQ health."

New Small Group Options
This month, we will test out ways to tell our stories in small groups through other forms of communication. We will break into small groups as usual but one will use visual art and another will use movement to share with each other. Two other groups will still have a conversation focus. Let us know what you think as we work to be more inclusive of other forms of communication in our future gatherings.