Sunday, AUGUST 9TH, 2015

Hennepin History Museum
This space is only accessible up a flight of stairs. Please contact us if you need assistance.

THEME (last minute change to Home)
Theme change: Home. 
What does home look like to you? How do we create home as queer people? Where and how have queer people in your life made home? Who and what has supported your sense of home? How can Telling Queer History create or support your sense of home?
We are changing the topic this month. We take responsibility for the gap in communication with our featured speakers who will not be joining us this month. We hope to revisit the topic of Two Spirit identities at a future gathering. We apologize for the late notice in change of theme. We hope you still join us and share your stories. 

We also acknowledge and grieve that our community lost a loved one this week, Jesus Estrada-Perez. A memorial bike ride will be happening right before this event.

2–2:30 – Snacks and mingling
2:30-3:30 – Welcome and poetry activity
3:30-4 – Break into small groups and share your own stories
4-4:15 – Come back together as a big group and share insights and highlights from small group discussions.

Suggested donation of $5-20 per person to cover operating and archiving costs. 

Interested in being a guest speaker or helping put on the next event? Contact us: 

*Allies are welcome to join, listen and volunteer. Hearing our stories is a great way to be an ally, allowing and assisting us in having the space to tell our stories is a way to be an advocate. Thanks!