During our board retreat in July 2019 we took time to reflect on the 30+ events we have held in the last six years, the people who supported those events, what we learned, what we want to nourish, and the values we hold. Please be part of Telling Queer History's future by supporting and holding us accountable to these goals.


LGBTQ+ individuals from a multitude of cultural communities and generations though our commitment to creating events which elevate unheard voices and build relationships across queer identities. Nourish partnerships with other organizations and relationships with leaders that multiply the narrative of LGBTQ+ people across communities. 


a team of organizers and facilitators who can consistently meet and complete tasks needed to run TQH. We are currently building documents to file as a 501(C)(3) by April 2020. We are recruiting to expand our dedicated board of directors from four to eleven by June 2020. Join our board, more info here.


an advisory council to inform programing and have wider community accountability. This advisory council will be intergenerational so that it offers elder companionship and youth mentorship. 


audio or video recordings of the featured speakers at gatherings. We will edit and share these recordings online so that people unable to attend can access our vital LGBTQ+ stories.This would lead to developing our website to include the recorded audio or video and space for people to upload their own stories. 


and strengthen partnerships with organizations and community leaders across Minnesota and the Midwest in order to share TQH’s format and LGBTQ+ stories with a wider and underserved audience. 


our network of sustaining donors, large donors, and grant support so that we can fairly compensate storytellers, ASL interpreters, facilitators, and TQH staff. Become a sustaining donor here.