TELLING QUEER HISTORY (TQH) is an ongoing series of gatherings that uses storytelling to connect queer (LGBTQ+) communities across generations and identities in the Twin Cities. Our open, informal, and participatory format provides spaces to share absent and erased stories. TQH works towards uniting people so they can grow in their understanding of each other, themselves, and their collective histories through authentic conversations and sharing life experiences.

The Minnesota Humanities Center awarded Telling Queer History, along with 26 others, a mini-grant. “Programming at MHC is informed by the recognition that many stories are absent from public discourse; … that the inclusion of absent narratives is more than the addition of absent voices to an ongoing cacophony—it requires social change.” (See MHC’s press release for more info)

We want to build on these funds to sustain us past the grant period which ends November 30th. Please consider a donation, via our Fiscal Sponsor 20% Theatre, on our GiveMN Page.


Our goals for this grant period and beyond are:

1.  Grow, develop, and support a team of volunteers that consistently meets to plan events and build the future of TQH.

2. Begin an elders and youth advisory council to build intergenerational relationships, gain historical context/technical support, and curate gathering themes and storytellers.

3. Include edited, recorded audio from events on TQH’s website ( so people outside of the Twin Cities can access these stories.

4. Pay those who dedicate their time to TQH.  Hire our founder so she can dedicate her time to TQH in a more sustainable way. Increase honoraria for storytellers and audio technicians, pay for the food that is currently donated by volunteers, and pay child care providers at our events.

5. Deepen relationships with community partners while planning the October event, therefore making future TQH gatherings possible. Create surveys and have conversations with more community members about what they want to see from TQH.  

Would you like to be part of this? Please contact us at

Join us on October 7th from 2-4:30 pm for our next gathering, co-hosted by the Tretter Collection at the University of Minnesota Libraries, at Andersen Library . Theme and storytellers are still to be determined. All gatherings are free, all-ages, provide healthy food, free child care, and are a sober space. (and are sober spaces)

This work is funded in part by money from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund which was created of the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.