Support Telling Queer History as we build a sustainable system to continue programming!

TQH works to unite people through conversation so we can all better understand each other, ourselves, and our collective queer histories.

Our goals through the rest of 2018 have been made possible for all our amazing participants and the Minnesota Humanities Center. Here’s what we’re working on right now:

1.  Grow and support a volunteer team that plans consistent events and organizational structure.

2. Begin an elders and youth advisory council to build intergenerational relationships, curate gathering themes and storytellers, foster youth and elder connections, and build youth leadership skills.

3. Archive audio from events on TQH’s website so anyone can access and feel connected to these rare, revolutionary stories.

4. Pay those who dedicate their time to TQH!  Hire our founder so she can dedicate her time to TQH in a more sustainable way. Increase honoraria for storytellers and audio technicians, pay for the food that is currently donated by volunteers, and pay child care providers at our events.

5. Deepen relationships with community partners while planning events, therefore making future TQH gatherings possible. Create surveys and have conversations with more community members about what they want to see from us.  

 Donate a one time gift or monthly via our fundraising page

Donations will be made through our fiscal sponsor, 20% Theatre Company, and transferred to Telling Queer History. 

This work is funded in part by money from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which was created of the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.