Tawnya Konobeck aka Sweetpea, shared her very emotional story of struggles as a young person and the unhealthy examples around her, leading to her current success as a burlesque dancer of international fame. 

Sunday, January 12th
Quatrefoil Library
1220 East Lake Street
Entrance on Lake street, up stairs or ramp. 

Sweetpea - "Equal opportunity tease"
Sweetpea's mission is to promote and nurture the experience of succulent, multifaceted, full-spectrum joyful living by caring for, connecting to, and fully inhabiting our bodies. 

Joy and Vitality: A Self Revolution - 
Sweetpea will talk about inviting health into our present lives after unhealthy past examples and practices. Sweetpea will share how self care has been a form of activism and revolutionary practice as a queer person. 

2:00–2:30pm – Snacks and mingling, contribute to the story quote page 
2:30-2:45pm – Welcome and meet featured storyteller
3:00-3:45pm – Break into small groups and share your own stories
3:45-4:15pm – Come back together as a big group and share insights and highlights from small group discussions, figure out where we want to take this series next
Snacks and mingling until 4:30pm!
We recommend arriving early, this is going to be a well attended event. 

The event will be potluck style, so if you are able to bring something to share, please do! Food helps create community! 

Interested in being a guest speaker or helping put on the next event? Contact one of the event organizers (Rebecca Lawrence or Scott Artley). 

*Allies are welcome to join, listen and volunteer. Hearing our stories is a great way to be an ally, allowing and assisting us in having the space to tell our stories is a way to be an advocate. Thanks!