Sunday, September 8th
2:00-4:30pm (with special pre-event preview at 1:30pm)
Madame of the Arts (3401 Chicago Avenue S, entrance in the mural wall)

Jason Jackson - Assistant Director at University of Minnesota GLBTA Programs Office

Code switching: To customize style of speech to the audience or group being addressed.


2:00–2:30pm – Snacks and mingling, contribute to the Queer History Timeline Mural and story quote page
2:30-2:45pm – Welcome and meet featured storyteller
3:00-3:45pm – Break into small groups and share your own stories
3:45-4:15pm – Come back together as a big group and share insights and highlights from small group discussions, figure out where we want to take this series next
Snacks and mingling until 4:30pm!


Founded in south Minneapolis in 2010, Madame of the Arts (Madame) is a grassroots Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and Ally (LGBTQA) community arts center. We serve as a multi-disciplinary creative hub for LGBTQA people to engage with each other and form new communities, using art as a medium for inspiring community-based and self-empowering explorations of feminist and queer politics for LGBTQA people in the Twin Cities region.

If you are able to make a donation of/for food and beverages please bring it. 

Interested in being a guest speaker or helping put on the next event? Contact one of the event organizers (Rebecca Lawrence or Scott Artley). 

*Allies are welcome to join, listen and volunteer. Hearing our stories is a great way to be an ally, allowing and assisting us in having the space to tell our stories is a way to be an advocate. Thanks!