Sunday, OCTOBER 11TH, 2015

University of Minnesota
Andersen Library

Michael McConnell

In 1970, in Minneapolis, Mr. Baker and Mr. McConnell became the first same-sex couple known to apply for a marriage license. Turned down by Hennepin County, they fought to the United States Supreme Court, where they lost their case in a one-sentence dismissal that has reverberated in federal courts and played an indirect role in pushing same-sex marriage to the high court this year.

2:00–2:30pm – Snacks and mingling, contribute to the story quote page or timeline
2:30-3:15pm – Welcome and meet featured storyteller
3:15-4:00pm – Break into small groups and share your own stories - Many storytelling formats to choose from. 
4:00-4:15pm – Come back together as a big group and share insights and highlights from small group discussions. 

Suggested donation of $5-20 per person to cover operating and archiving costs. 

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*Allies are welcome to join, listen and volunteer. Hearing our stories is a great way to be an ally, allowing and assisting us in having the space to tell our stories is a way to be an advocate. Thanks!