Telling Queer History Goals

During our board retreat in July 2019 we took time to reflect on the 30+ events we have held in the last six years, the people who supported those events, what we learned, what we want to nourish, and the values we hold. Please be part of Telling Queer History's future by supporting and holding us accountable to these goals.


LGBTQ+ individuals from a multitude of cultural communities and generations though our commitment to creating events which elevate unheard voices and build relationships across queer identities. Nourish partnerships with other organizations and relationships with leaders that multiply the narrative of LGBTQ+ people across communities. 


a team of organizers and facilitators who can consistently meet and complete tasks needed to run TQH. We are currently building documents to file as a 501(C)(3) by April 2020. We are recruiting to expand our dedicated board of directors from four to eleven by June 2020. Join our board, more info here.


an advisory council to inform programing and have wider community accountability. This advisory council will be intergenerational so that it offers elder companionship and youth mentorship. 


audio or video recordings of the featured speakers at gatherings. We will edit and share these recordings online so that people unable to attend can access our vital LGBTQ+ stories.This would lead to developing our website to include the recorded audio or video and space for people to upload their own stories. 


and strengthen partnerships with organizations and community leaders across Minnesota and the Midwest in order to share TQH’s format and LGBTQ+ stories with a wider and underserved audience. 


our network of sustaining donors, large donors, and grant support so that we can fairly compensate storytellers, ASL interpreters, facilitators, and TQH staff. Become a sustaining donor here.

Join the board

Join the board

Join the Telling Queer History board

Thank you for being our friends!

Thank you for being our friends!

Together we supported Telling Queer History with…

15 new sustaining donors, bringing monthly donations to $434. 
Total cash donations for the Fast Friends campaign, $8948. 
Amount of goods & services donated for Fast Friends, $15,812. 
Volunteer hours donated, 1053 hours. 

Thank you so very much for all the ways you show up for Telling Queer History! 
Our gatherings are grassroots run and have been held together by love, enthusiasm and generosity for 6 years. We are excited to build on that with these resources, to pay the people that contribute, and to bring our stories to a wider audience. 

You can still contribute and invite your friends to join you as donors here. We hope to see you at our next gathering Oct 6th and next year for Fast Friends 2020. 

Photos by Caroline Yang. Graphic by Josey Herrera.


What is Queer Art?

What is Queer Art?

Olivia Levins Holden shares their story with TQH on 2, 10, 2019.

Give to the Max

Give to the Max

Give to Telling Queer History

Give to the Max day is Nov 15, 2018. Schedule your donation in advance or become a sustaining monthly donor. Our history continues to be created and your support means it will be shared with our communities.

Fellow Travelers: TQH goes to the opera

Fellow Travelers: TQH goes to the opera

Join Telling Queer History before the show for an interactive historical background to Fellow Travelers. Stay after for storytelling with the artistic team, including composer Gregory Spears. Telling Queer History is an event series that connects LGBTQ people across generations and identities through storytelling

Revolt, Resist, Remember: TQH 4 year anniversary gathering on 6/11/17

Telling Queer History's 4 year anniversary gathering at the Hennepin Central Library on June 11th, 2017 from 2-4:30pm:

Revolt, Resist, Remember.

Interactive timeline of LGBTQ+ history and your history starts the event.  20 minute clip of the film Out North, a documentary on LGBTQ+ history in Minnesota created by TPT will be screened, followed by two speakers and discussion. 

Speakers will share stories of how we have survived and thrived so we can continue to do so as a united community. 

Free, sober, all ages space. Free childcare available. ASL interpreters available upon request. 

RSVP and invite your friends to with our facebook event. 

TELLING QUEER HISTORY is a series of gatherings based on sharing stories in an open, informal, and participatory format. It’s about connecting queer communities, queer history and generations so that we can learn from our shared past, present, and future.*

*Allies are welcome to join, listen and volunteer. Hearing our stories is a great way to be an ally, allowing and assisting us in having the space to tell our stories is a way to be an advocate. Thanks!

Please contact us at with questions and requests.

Image from the Tretter Collection of the second Pride March along Nicollet Mall in 1973.

Image from the Tretter Collection of the second Pride March along Nicollet Mall in 1973.

Two Spirit March 13th 2-4:30

Featuring Coya Whitehat Artichoker, Reva and Nick Metcalf

Moderated by Patricia VanErt

Minneapolis Central Library


Love: February 14th, 2016 2-4:30pm

Love: February 14th, 2016 2-4:30pm

Love: It's Complicated
February 14th, 2016 2-4:30pm
Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute
2388 University Ave W. Saint Paul, MN, 55114

House Party Fundraiser 9/29/15

House Party Fundraiser 9/29/15

House Party Fundraiser
Saturday August 29th 6-11pm
Chez Longfellow
4432 Longfellow Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407